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  • New products - furniture - coffee tables

We began with the idea. You finish dressing our products.

Hope you enjoy it! No more grey Days!

The Nude Design


Home accessories. Accessories designed with birch wood that can be left with a natural finish to customize it to your style by painting, vanishing or giving your personal touch (doityourself, diy) You can also order it with wax protective finish and you can start using these accessories when you receive them.

We have the cake stand "Anna Party" to look and give presence to your cakes, pies or deserves. And we design the "Line Brothers" hangers, both are made of birch plywood, by its resistance, workability and light weight.

Accessories are shipped well packed, and if they have different parts, they will go dismantled, but be calm, with a couple of screws tightening you will have your accessory mounted at home.


We design furniture birch wood, which can be left with a natural finish to customize it to your liking with paint, varnish or give the finish that best suits your style (doityourself, diy) But if you like as it is, you can order it with wax finish, to protect the wood and get easy cleaning, and put it where you like.

Among the furniture that we design we have coffee tables, model Mister T, and side tables model Miss T, both can be blank, whith the Nude style, or give them a primer color with our graphic designs .

We use birch plywood for its strength, workability and light weight .

The furniture are shipped well packed  and disassembled, so you have to assemble it, but calm, only pushing a couple of screws and "voila" your coffee table or side table is ready to liven the space that you have in mind. Get your table from The Nude Design.



We design pendant lamps, floor lamps and table lamps in birch wood. We suggest several graphic designs to play and customize the lamps with your own style, change backgrounds, patterns and textures, choose the color that you like to decorate your home .

The ceiling lampshades are made of polypropylene, a reusable material, easy to work and clean. In the polypropylene we can apply a graphic design with a printing method. With the shapes of the screen and this material we can project a pleasant light direct.

The foot of the floor lamps or the table lamps are made of birch plywood for its strength, workability and light weight. You can order it with a wax finish to protect it, or select the natural finish to customize it with paint, varnish, stain... paint it with one color, various colors, with a zebra style, or with your hands... your imagination to power (doityourself, diy)

The lamps are going to be shipped well packed and disassembled; pie, screen and electrical kit. The foot of the lamps is mounted almost with a screw. The screen comes in flat, you have to give the cone form and close it like a zipper, finally closes up with the electric socket. Get your lamp "The Nude Design"

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