A table with history...

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The history of this table, is also the history of cashmere design.

Funny how this ancient design, representing the "tree of life" and that was probably a Persian creation, gradually extended to reach India. The English colonists loved this motif with teardrop form and introduced it in Britain.

During the nineteenth century the designs of cashmere stoles were the favorite stamped of the fabric manufacturers of Paisley in Scotland.

Miss T Cashmere side table this KashMir design

The town of Paisley was known worldwide during the summer of 1967, "the summer of love", the same summer in which thousands of people gathered in San Francisco to create a new political and social rebellion known as the hippie revolution.

This design, which was embellished by adding additional flowers and tendrils, became associated with psychedelic culture and spirituality that brought the Beatles to the West after his stay in India.

That was how John Lennon became the owner of a Rolls Royce painted with a yellow design Kashmir.

For more information: Kashmir and Paisley design (historiasdelaindia.com)

Yellow Rolls Royce painted with a Kashmir design owned by John Lennon

The history of this table is the story of a print that travel from Babylon to Vigo, passing by San Francisco.

A pattern that we love over a wooden table Miss T.

Hope you enjoy it as much as us ...

Cover design of the side table Miss T Cashmere



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